Will You See?

         - A juicy top-down shooter that will test your skills and reflexes

        Mechanics and Controls
        (starting with the tutorial levels is preferred)

        Move the player using WASD

        Hold LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot

        You move slower while shooting, so be careful

        Collect all 4 goodies in order to unlock the door, then stand on the door to advance


        Will You See? is my entry for the Community Game Jam 2019

        The game is set in a moody low-lit environment, where you have to collect goodies, avoid baddies and shoot A LOT, in order to advance to the next level.

        About the creator

        Hi, my name is Sebastian and im the solo creator of Will You See?

        This is the first game that i have ever finished, and after 1 yeah away from programming and game-dev, i see that as a success.

        The game consists of 5 primary levels and 2 tutorial levels that increase in difficulty.

        All the levels are a mix of handcrafted and randomly-generated rooms that switch everytime you play the game.

        The game could have used more enemies, a boss, and maybe upgrades for the weapon, in order to give the game more vareity and replayability, but sadly i couldn't finish these features in time.

        All in all i am happy with the result, and i wish everyone who participated or rated in the jam the best.


        Unity (gameplay and visuals)

        BFXR (sound effects)

        FL Studio 20 (music)


        Will You See Windows.zip 32 MB

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